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PANTHER PRO Fit-Glass Complete System

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A fully motorised glass removal and fitting system.
The Fit-Glass enables a one man fit of windscreens up to 35Kgs.
Unlike other one-man systems you not use the customers vehicle as a support.
The Fit-Glass system takes all the weight of the glass so eliminating any strain on the technician.
With its hand held speed controller that is fitted to the suction cup, the technician can control with ease the speed of descent. This enables an easy and precise fit of glass even when it requires a "below bonnet" placement.

Visit Panther's Youtube channel to see it in action:

The Fit-Glass Complete System Comprises of:

PP-WST200, Fit-Glass Winch

PP-WST200A, Fit-Glass Arm

PP-WST200S, Fit-Glass Windscreen Support Frame


Simply place the foot of the Fit-Glass arm on the floor and secure it using the vehicles front wheel.

Insert the upright and attach the winch. You can then adjust the height of the winch for an easy install.

It is also possible to suspend the Fit-Glass winch from a ceiling mount in a workshop so getting rid of the need for the Fit-Glass arm.